• Saji E.S

    I, basically a Bachelor of Medical Radiology, worked in two other Medical Transcription Companies before joining Spectrum, but was not satisfied. After joining Spectrum, I knew within a short time that this was my place. I had joined as a Medical Analyst and within less than a year my senior officials recognized my work and I was promoted as a Senior Medical Analyst. That itself gave me the confidence to put in my best towards the company. Though being a working woman, being part of Spectrum, I am able to fulfill my role both as a wife and a mother of an 8-year-old to my best. Now, almost 6 years in Spectrum, looking back, I am fully satisfied.

  • Harris Hydrose

    The action is back in my life after I joined Spectrum. Here I am in a job that is devoid of tension. Strangely the inherent responsibility of a Medical Analyst vis-à-vis his job does not bring in any tension and that is really good about this job.

  • Lata Varma

    I took VRS at the wrong age of 52. A few months later into being ‘just a housewife' I started feeling sort of restless; and then came Spectrum and Medical Analysis.An entirely new subject opened up before me, with the training syllabus just right, neither too heavy nor too light. Yes, that freshened up my brain.

    Now I relax at home with my job, doing just everything I want, at the same time earning a modest sum. I am available for my family all 24 hours. An almost every day contact with office makes me believe that I am still employed. I have over-the-phone contacts with my colleagues, so I do not feel socially isolated.

    As a professional I know that my worth and knowledge will be worth more and more as years go by and, better still, I can work as long as my brain, ears, eyes, and hands coordinate. As a career-minded ‘housewife” that is heavenly. Retirement is when I feel ‘quit'.

  • Swapna R.

    Medical Analysis, the job which I have selected, is the most credible and unique one. Even though the job means what the term literally implies, it is the comprehension of several factors such as listening skill, keen and sharp concentration, capability to comprehend the ideas, acquaintance with a collection of English and medical terms, profound awareness of the usage of the language, logical skills, technological skills, and a thorough knowledge of medical science.

    One of my great pleasures concerned to this job is accomplishment of knowledge. As long as doing Medical Analysis, I am not only earning money but also learning several things in the field of medical science and language. The experience in this job enables me to have excellent language skills, tremendous collection of words, and their absolute pronunciation. I never feel that I am working, but I am enjoying the profession by being a part of this vast knowledge. So the profession truly is a blessing for my zest of learning. It helps to build self-esteem, knowledge and leadership in the profession.

    The second thing I would like to point out is the flexibility of the job. Unlike any other job, Medical Analysis facilitates to fulfill any personal objectives in our life.

  • Anuja M.J.

    I have always enjoyed the Medical Analysis job as a professional and as a homemaker. I have been practicing as an advocate for the past 6 years. I switched to this profession because I have 2 children, and as a mother I believe I have the responsibility of taking care of my children rather than others doing that. This profession was a blessing to me.

    This has been an awesome and rewarding career change, as well as enjoyable. I am happy with what I am now and I am looking forward to climb up ladders and to explore various possibilities this field can offer. I am a happier mom, wife, and career woman than I have ever been.

  • Marian Antony

    Great workspace, rewarding pay and a vibrant work culture. But what inspires me the most is the pace at which my career is growing at Spectrum. After my training in Spectrum, I was absorbed as a Medical Analyst. Just 4 years into job and now I am earning nearly Rs.30,000 per month.

  • Sandhya Balachandran

    This industry only requires people who can understand English language well, I mean no high educational qualification is required to meet this industries need. This calls in for many job opportunities to the youngsters of Kerala who are graduates. If one is well trained, it can be highly rewarding too. Since it is a 9-5 job, I feel it convenient for homemakers. Another big benefit is that we can work from home too, thus satisfying both office and domestic work.

    I am able to earn a reasonable salary out of this, which helps me to lead a fairly good life style.

  • Sumitha P

    This is a highly rewarding field for those who are willing to work under pressurized situations.This is the only industry that employs and rewards people irrespective of their educational qualifications. It pays you purely based on your performance.This industry has such a wide network that you can work anywhere in India. You got to deliver 100% effort each & every time and you will get 100% job satisfaction.

    I am able to earn a decent living.I am proud of being part of this industry, which is growing to be the foremost IT based industry and earns foreign exchange to my country.