Latest Medical Coding & Billing Training Syllabus

As you are aware, Healthcare is one such industry, which is never affected by any economic crisis or recession. There are many professions in the healthcare sector, which you are familiar with like doctors and nurses, lab and equipment technicians, pharmacists, medical office administrators etc. However, in light of the use Information Technology in the field of Healthcare, there are also many new-age jobs too under the “Healthcare BPO” sector and Medical Billing and Coding is one of the most promising career among these. Unlike the doctors or lab technicians who directly interact with the patients, the offshore Healthcare BPO service providers take care of the activities like medical documentation and medical billing by sitting at a different destination. Majority of such tasks from US, Europe, and other major economies are now being outsourced to India, which create a huge scope for the highly educated and computer-savvy workforce in our country.

Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., being a leading service provider in the US Healthcare Sector in association with our US counterpart, SpectraMedi Inc., Syracuse, New York, is now offering Medical Coding and Billing services too to our big clientele in US. Along with it, as a part of our Indian operations, we are offering fully computerized and job-oriented training program in Medical Coding and Billing as an in-house program at our Kochi, Kerala office.

As far as Medical Coding & Billing is concerned, the job has a unique set of requirement to fulfill. For a professional, it is so crucial to understand how coding and billing works for the Fortune 500 Healthcare companies and how the insurance sector functions at different nations. The simple reason why medical coding and billing exists is that the physicians and the medical practices needed to get paid for their service from the insurance providers, for which strict billing and scrutiny is needed to release the payments. So, a Medical Coder & Biller must be a skilled professional in order to take up this task and deliver it with precision. This is where the intensive training from Spectrum becomes vital. The modules of Coding & Billing Training are designed in such a way to offer expertise to the trainees to secure a successful and lucrative career.

As the private insurance sector is on an all-time hype in countries like India too, very soon we can expect these healthcare industries too running on the basis of insurance. This will again bring in a huge demand for billers and coders for local operations too. All the physician offices from clinics to big multi-specialty hospitals will be demanding more Medical Coders and Billers to take up this task. Currently with the immediate implementation of ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases-10th Revision) and EHR (Electronic Health Record), Healthcare industry is aggressively looking for a large number of trained, efficient, knowledgeable and certified coders and billers, which makes it a promising career choice for all.

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