Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd has become an indomitable force in the field of technology, especially that of Medical Analysis. With a strong team consisting of a Board-certified physician in USA (co. owner of Spectrum Softtech Solutions), experienced medical analysts and dedicated computer systems engineers, Spectrum has become a leading player in Medical Analysis over the years.

Within a short span of time, it has achieved significant milestones, which many of its counterparts can only dream of in the field. Spectrum makes tremendous growth day by day in the field of Medical Analysis. To name a few, dedicated management and employees, quality infrastructure facilities, friendly work atmosphere, in-house soft-ware development division etc. are the factors that help Spectrum to compete and stand first in the field without fail.

The usual method of Medical coding and billing training is using only books-the manuals. As you enter into the world of live Medical Coding, you would be using the coding and billing software. You may no longer depend on the heavy books. We focus that your level of acquiring knowledge is always on the practical aspects so that we provide you exposure to electronic coding and billing apart from open book practice.