Healthcare industry is a fast growing industry; so as the career opportunities in the industry. The demand for Medical Coders and Billers is increasing all over the world day by day.

Medical billing and coding present a unique set of job duties. It is crucial to understand the way billing and coding works for Fortune 500 health care companies or individuals running their own billing companies out of their home offices

The reason medical billing exists is so physicians and medical entities can be paid. Medical bills are sent to some kind of insurance company or health program for processing, and then payment is made on whatever is sent

With the growth of private insurance sector in India, sooner or later the healthcare industry of our country might also be based on the insurance and we might also need to do medical coding and billing in different areas of healthcare. The physician offices, the hospitals and the insurance companies may demand more and more Medical Coders and Medical Billers in future also. Presently the need for coders and billers is high in out sourcing companies in India.

There are two factors that again make the demand for Coders and BiIlers high. Due to the immediate implementation of ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases-10th Revision) and EHR (Electronic Health Record), the Healthcare Industry is aggressively looking for trained, efficient, knowledgeable and certified coders and billers.