Medical Analysis is one of the fastest growing fields in health care. In most of the Western countries, health insurance companies pay for healthcare services. Detailed medical records are needed for processing insurance claims. In addition to this, most Western countries award significant “punitive damages” when healthcare providers are found negligent. Therefore, detailed medical records are needed to defend from court cases claiming negligence.

More over most of the innovation and discoveries in the field of healthcare take place in the Western countries. One of the most basic requirements for any such research is the collection of medical records indicating the significance of present medical problems. Most importantly, effective treatment of any health problem requires the doctor to know the medical history of that patient, and medical record is the collection of such information.

With the large population of educated English literate people and comparatively low cost and faster turn around time i.e., the time it takes from the point the doctor dictates to the time the finished report is sent back to the hospital, India is considered as the ideal location for outsourcing the Medical Analysis jobs.

According to NASSCOM, in the US Medical Analysis business is a $10 to $25 billion industry (annually). The number of Medical Analysts in the US has remained static while the demand for analysts is growing by about 20% every year. So the chance of doom days in this career is unthinkable. The Medical Analysis industry has played a vital role in altering the Indian job scenario.

What ever the situation is, whether it rains or shines, fall or summer, recession or progression, inflation or deflation, people will get sick. So Medical Analysis industry will continue to grow as long as human beings exist. Without any doubt, this industry is going to stay.

With the growth of private insurance sector in India, sooner or later the healthcare industry of our country might also be based on the insurance and we might also need detailed medical records. So the scope of Medical Analysis industry is tremendous.