No formal qualifications necessary!! No need of experience!!

If you have a fairly good command over English language, a keen listening ear attuned to the American accent, ability to comprehend and key in the matter correctly into the computer, and has a determination to excel... Then you are the right person to be a Medical Analyst... In a nutshell all you need is the following skills:

  • Aptitude for good written English skills
  • Good listening, writing and comprehension skills
  • An eye for details
  • Typing and basic knowledge in Computers would be an added advantage.
  • Word processing skills
  • Patience and concentration
  • Sound judgment
  • If you are a person with basic education, say +2, then it is more than enough to become a Medical Analyst. If you are good at picking up foreign accents, it is a head start for you. But if not, it can be attained through our training. Ultimately what counts is your ability and zest to learn new things and how fast you absorb it.

    Is age a limiting factor ?

    Don't even bother about that. There are Medical Analysts who are as young as 18 to those nearing 60. You can be a vibrant youngster, a retired person, a homemaker or anyone who has a mind to learn new things. All you need is a good co-ordination between the mind, ears, eyes, and the hands.