Medical analysis is now a fast growing profession that puts you in control of your income and your working environment. Demand for medical analysis services keeps on increasing as far as there are doctors and patients. With the increasing demand for error free Medical Reports, the demand for well-trained Medical Analysts is also increasing. Even though the demand is increasing, there are not enough well trained Medical Analysts in our country. There still is a huge untapped potential. Spectrum is taking the initiative to tap this potential hidden in our country. Medical Analysis is an industry that can provide good employment opportunities. Reports point out that the medical analysis industry in our country is expected to reach an estimated $647 million in 2010 from the $195 million two years ago, making it the fourth largest foreign-exchange earner for the country. It has been touted as one of the most attractive careers today.

Spectrum being in this business for the last eight years, knows the in and out of Medical Analysis Industry. Spectrum has got a well-articulated training method. To tap the potential candidates out there, Spectrum is on the mission of opening Business Associate centers across the country for imparting training in Medical Analysis and thus create employment opportunities to a large number of people.

We invite Business associates from all over India to be a part of this mission. With Spectrum, success is guaranteed.


Location & Premise Selection We will provide all the guidelines in selecting the apt location and premise for starting the business center. The location has to be verified and finalized by the representatives of Spectrum before starting the operations.

Training We will conduct a comprehensive training program that covers the various facets of operating a training center. You will learn about our system to keep your business on track. To ensure your success, we will work with you to develop the proper opening support and to ensure the timely and efficient opening of your training centre. We will help you plan the pre-opening activities and provide guidance.

Marketing We will provide support in developing a proper marketing and advertising plan. You can consult us in deciding the apt media for advertising.

Business Planning If you are new to business, we will provide you consultation on marketing, financing etc. and ensure that you have a quick start to the business operations.


i) A building (600 800 sq. ft.) with appropriate interiors and furniture in a clean and hygienic premise, where a minimum of 30 students can be spaciously accommodated.

ii) 16 computers, 15 cubicle, 15 Training chairs, 15 lab chairs, 3 desk and chairs, White Board, Sign board.

iii) Counselling & Waiting area

iv) Access to washroom / toilet facilities.


Established Trademark & A unique brand identity Spectrum enjoys a unique brand identity in the field of Medical Analysis training. Its reputation and expertise in this field will be an added advantage to its Business Associates.

Proven Business/ Shorter Learning Curve As Spectrum is a well-established firm, who has been in this field for the past 8 years, it can easily and efficiently transfer the knowledge and expertise it has gained to the Business Associates. So the Business Associates need not have to worry about their lack of experience in this field. They don't have to spend too much time in knowing the pros and cons of this field, as this is a proven and successfully conducted business venture.

Higher Chance of Success What ever the situation is, whether it rains or shines, fall or summer, recession or progression, inflation or deflation, people will get sick. So Medical Analysis industry will continue to grow as long as human beings exist. Without any doubt, this industry is going to stay. With the large number of educated English literate people, comparatively low labour cost and most ideal time zone difference, India is considered as the most preferred location for outsourcing the Medical Analysis job. The Business Associates never have to worry about the success rate and returns they are going to make.

Transfer of Management Expertise The success and profitability of Spectrum is directly linked to that of the Business Associates. Spectrum always gives priority to transferring its expertise and knowledge to its Business Associates and thus helps them succeed.

Low Investment-High Returns venture You can recoup the initial investment within one and a half years (conditions apply). The return on investment is high when compared to many other businesses.

Joint Advertising and Promotion Spectrum always helps its Business Associates to promote the business. Joint advertising and promotion is just one of the many ways Spectrum supports it Business Associates.

Training The Spectrum Business Associates and its staff have to undergo an initial training to understand the basics of this business. Apart from this initial training, the Business Associates can consult Spectrum for any additional training needed for the successful operation of the business. Only after the successful completion of the initial training program provided by the expert officials of Spectrum, they will be incepted in the Business Associate center for training the candidates.

Balanced and well-integrated curriculum Spectrum has developed a balanced and well-integrated curriculum for the Medical Analysis Training. The candidates who undergo this training will never be second to anyone, as it is impeccable when compared to the syllabus of many other similar training institutes.

Operational guidance The Business Associates can always consult the Spectrum officials for any kind of operating guidelines. Spectrum considers the success of Business Associate as its own success. Spectrum provide support to its Business Associates in selecting the location, arranging finance, recruiting staff, etc.

Sub contract work – The Business Associate can start his own production center after the successful completion of the first batch. He can select the efficient candidates from the trainees and start the production unit. Spectrum will provide the files. Out of this production center the Business Associate can make good profit.


  • 1. What support services are provided under the Business Association agreement?

    Spectrum is committed to ensuring the success of every Business Association centre in its network. In addition to extensive training, operating manuals, instructional materials and various guides, Spectrum also provides its Business Associates with complete business solutions to help manage their accounting, information technology and human resource needs. Considerable support is provided during the crucial start-up phase of operation from site evaluation to marketing and advertising. Our Business Associates will also benefit from regular visits by the Spectrum team who will assist in business planning, annual projections, quality control, operational issues, record keeping, and staff evaluation.

  • 2. Does Spectrum provide training to assist the Business Associate set-up?

    Yes, the Business Associate and key employees of the Business Association centre must attend and successfully complete the start-up training programs run by Spectrum at its headquarters in Cochin. In addition to the start-up training program, Spectrum will assign its own staff to work alongside the Business Association center's team during the first week of business operations. Our official team will work out the schedule with you.

  • 3. Who can be a Medical Analyst?

    The first step is to complete the "Potential Business Associate Evaluation Form" and submit it to Spectrum for review. The form does not obligate the applicant or Spectrum in any way and is simply used to determine mutual compatibility. Upon receipt and review of the form, the applicant will be invited for a meeting and discussion. The rest of the things will be decided in this meeting.

  • 4. Why join Spectrum Business Associate Program?

    There are several factors which make Spectrum a highly attractive Business associate. The Health Care industry is growing tremendously creating a major demand for skilled Medical Analysts. Spectrum has been in this field for the last 8 years and it is owned and managed by a team of highly skilled individuals, including a Board certified Physician in USA. This makes an immense contribution to Spectrum's expertise in providing Medical Analysis training based on its thorough understanding of the requirements of the Health Care sector.

  • 5. What is so unique about the Spectrum Business Associate Program?

    The factors that make Spectrum a unique business associate is:
    The value and reputation enjoyed by Spectrum, which stands for the finest standards of Medical Analysis training.
    Spectrum’s vast experience in this field, which is gained through its association with more than 300 hospitals and clinics in USA.
    Spectrum’s commitment in providing systematic and high quality training.
    Spectrum has been so systematic in its approach to training the Medical Analysts that its success is easily converted into a Business Associate concept with predictable returns on investment and assured placement of candidates.

  • 6. Who all can do the Medical Analysis course?

    Spectrum offers Medical Analysis training to anyone who qualifies the pre-training evaluation test (This test assesses the English comprehension and listening skills of the candidate). Medical Analysis is a good career for anyone who has got good English comprehension skills and thrives for knowledge. It can be graduates, homemakers, professionals, ex-servicemen, and retired hands.

  • 7. What type of fees are payable on signing as a Spectrum Business Associate?

    The business fee, which is a one-time upfront fee, must be paid in full upon signing of the Business Associate agreement. The royalty fee is an ongoing fee, which is a percentage of the total fee collected from the candidates every batch.

  • 8. Does the Business Associate have to arrange the location of the institute?

    Yes, it is the Business Associate's responsibility to arrange the location for the business centre. However, Spectrum will assist in assessing prospective sites and approve the most suitable one.

  • 9. How long does it take for the centre to become operational?

    If you have the required infrastructure and other facilities, then you can start the center as early as possible. The only pre-requisite is that the Business Associate and its employees should attend the initial training (1 2 weeks) provided by Spectrum to get acquainted with the business.

  • 10. What is the typical size of a Spectrum business centre?

    A typical Spectrum Business Associate training centre, including office space, is estimated between 600 to 800 sq. ft.

  • 11. Who can be a Spectrum Business Associate?

    The person should be an Indian citizen with good standing.
    He/she should not have any criminal background.
    He/she should have good financial background.
    Age between 22 & 65, and should be in good health.
    He/she should not have any previous association or involvement in unethical business practices.
    He/she should not be involved in any financial scams like chitty, money chain, multi-level marketing and the like.
    He/she should not have any pending lawsuits against him/her.

    Preferences will be given to:
    People who have experience in running computer institutions, franchise business etc.
    People with good professional background. (Preferably from medical profession)
    People with good standing in the public/ local community.
    Parallel colleges, Unaided schools, Hospitals with nursing training, Paramedical training institutes, existing sick training or transcription units.


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