Unlike any other profession, a Medical Analyst enjoys many privileges. The distinguishable feature is that you are the master of your job. You yourself decide the earnings in this profession. Another thing is you can opt the hours you work. The work environment for this job is also selective. Home transcription is the remarkable feature of this job. You can be with your family and still fill your pockets. The experience in this job enables you to have excellent language skills, tremendous collection of words, and their absolute pronunciation.

You are the master of your job

You can decide on the volume of work you have to do. It is you who decide your income and work timings. So as a Medical Analyst, you decide the volume of work, the time, income, and work place. You can climb the ladder of success with a self-designed schedule.

Work from home

The work environment of this profession is also selective. As per your comfort, you can work from your home or any other place as you wish. So now you can be with your family and earn handsomely. This is very beneficial to homemakers who are eager to learn and earn, but still want to be with their family. All you need is a Computer, Head Phone, stable Internet and the relevant software (provided by the company) and above all, a mind to grab new knowledge.

Flexibility in time

Another benefit is that you can opt the hours you work. If you are working from office, you can be in any of the three shifts (i.e. morning, afternoon and night shift). And from home, you can work at anytime you wish.

Non-voice based job

The biggest advantage of Medical Analysis, as a career, is that it is a non-voice based job. Unlike other jobs, here, you do not have to speak to anyone. You have to listen to the dictation and type it out. So it is not necessary that you should have good English accent. But you should be good in English grammar and should have good listening and comprehension skills.


Of course we all agree there is nothing more challenging than human healthcare. A Medical Analyst’s career provides the best of both worlds. You are not dealing with or handling sick patients, disappointed family members or unhealthy hospital environment with a chance to catch deadly diseases. At the same time you are learning about new and old diseases, its diagnostic methods, treatment plans, prescriptions etc. This means, you gain very high knowledge in healthcare and you are well aware of what is going on, but you are not in the hospital or clinics. In addition to this, you come across different accents from doctors all over the world.

Excellent language development

As a Medical Analyst, you listen to the dictations of different physicians with different accents and styles. This will naturally improve your language skills, listening comprehension and pronunciation. Believe it or not, the next time you watch an English movie or listen to an English music, you will be surprised how more you understand. This also helps you to speak in English and helps you develop good English accent.

Secured future

We all agree there is nothing more secure than healthcare. People get sick and spare no effort in getting treatment. The US Department of Labor states “Employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to grow faster than average for all occupations through 2014. This is mainly because more and more people are living pass age 65. Demand for medical transcription services will be spurred by a growing and aging population.” So, with the increasing demand for Medical Analysts, your future as a Medical Analyst is secured.

No age limit

The greatest advantage of this career is that there is no age bar. We have Medical Analysts who are as young as 18 years to those nearing 60 years doing this after successfully completing the training. If you have that fire in you to grab new knowledge, then this is the career for you. Your age is not a constraint for this profession.

Economic independence

As a Medical Analyst you enjoy economic independence. In this field, it is you who decide your income. The income is purely based on the number of lines you do and the accuracy. So this job gives the freedom to decide your income. You can earn as much as you like.

Learning experience

One of the great pleasures concerned to this job is accomplishment of knowledge. As a Medical Analyst, you are not only earning money but also learning several things in the field of medical science and language. So an employee in this field has a precious opportunity to study. So the profession truly is a blessing for those with the zest for learning. It helps to build self-esteem, knowledge, and leadership in the profession.

Part time/ Full time Job

As per your convenience, you can choose this career as a full-time profession or on a part-time basis. This is a boon to students who are keen to earn while they learn; or professionals who are looking forward to making an extra income.