From our Director, Frank Kunnumpurath

In Spectrum, all of us work as a team in achieving our common goal of highest level of client satisfaction.

An organization is like an orchestra. In an orchestra, every artist has a specific piece of music to play. He knows exactly what to play and when to play. One artist never looks at what the other artist is doing. If this is properly done and executed, the outcome would be a very soothing symphony, and if not, it becomes a cacophony of sound. Similarly, in an organization every person has a well-defined role to play. If he/she plays that role to perfection, the organization will definitely succeed with highest level of client satisfaction.

In 10 years, we will train and develop anywhere from 12000 to 15000 Medical Analysts. We are creating employment opportunity for them. We will also invest more in enhancing our Electronic Medical Record solution that allows researchers and scientists to use the medical records that our Medical Analysts have created to study diseases, identify mistakes in diagnosis and how it happened, effectiveness of various treatment plans, effectiveness of various drugs under different conditions and more.